I love the physicality of creating art and the process of mark making. My painting tool box includes palette knives, spatulas, dough scrapers, bubble wrap and containers (such as glass jars) for imprinting shapes. I paint primarily with oil paints and sometimes with cold wax.

What people notice most about my paintings are the texture, dimension and vibrant colors, often complementary hues, juxtaposed to create energy and build tension. I sometimes observe viewers studying my paintings from multiple angles, tracing my journey through the layers. I love color and exploring different palette combinations.

It’s fun to see how an abstract painting develops, listening to my inner voice, trusting my intuition to know what comes next and recognizing when I’ve taken a painting as far as it should go.

I’m deeply inspired by nature and, in particular, the magnificent rocky coast of Maine in and around Acadia National Park–my true heart home.


Kathleen Hall is a Maine and Virginia-based artist who’s been creating art since childhood. Although her background is primarily representational painting, she’s recently transitioned to abstract painting, applying her love of color and texture to produce more intuitive art. She loves using a range of tools and alternative techniques to create vibrant paintings.

Kathleen has painted with a group at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio School for nearly 20 years. For six summers (2010 to 2015), Kathleen also ran an art gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine, near Acadia National Park (her very favorite place!).

Kathleen has a BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She’s currently transitioning to retirement in Maine after a long career in marketing communications and writing.