You may have heard that Amazon has entered the art market with Amazon Art.

The Internet is abuzz with art experts weighing in on whether buying and selling art on Amazon is a good thing–or not. You can buy just about everything else online (and on Amazon), why not art? Research shows nearly three quarters of art collectors have already purchased art of some form from the Internet.
Willie Gillis Package from Home by Norman Rockwell
Willie Gillis Package from Home by Norman Rockwell

Amazon Art
Amazon has partnered with 150 galleries and represents approximately 40,000 paintings by 4,500 artists. Pieces range from $10 prints to the Norman Rockwell original Willie Gillis: Package from Home (pictured), which retails for $4.85 million, so far the most expensive piece.

In an article in Fortune magazine, senior editor Ryan Bradley interviewed Steven Murphy, CEO of Christie’s. Murphy says he takes Amazon’s new venture seriously and, for the most part, thinks it’s a net positive for the art world.

On the other hand, he notes, someone who just made a significant art purchase might like to know more about the piece and the artist and Murphy questions whether Amazon can provide the background and authentication, a concern shared by others.

The Internet is the great equalizer. Art buyers intimidated by a traditional gallery might feel more comfortable purchasing art online. And, emerging artists who don’t have gallery representation can showcase their work to a worldwide audience through a highly-visited marketplace.

I’ve sold paintings from my website, sight unseen, to people who’ve seen my work in person or already own another painting.

What do YOU think?

Would you (have you?) purchased a piece of art online if you had not seen it firsthand? Do you think Amazon Art is a good thing for art? Share your comments below.