What is a giclee?

A giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) is a high-resolution digital reproduction of an original work of art. A professional who specializes in digital reproductions directly scans the original painting and prints it on heavy archival paper with special inks. The result is an image very close to the original in color and quality. Giclees offer better color accuracy than other reproduction methods. You can even find giclee prints in some museums.


Kathleen Hall, Frenchman's Bay, oil on canvas, 30 X 24, © The Artist
Kathleen Hall, Frenchman’s Bay, oil on canvas, 30 X 24, © The Artist


Why buy a giclee?

There can be only one original painting. However, if the artist sells the painting, you can still own a limited edition, high-quality reproduction. Giclees are also a bit more affordable than original paintings and you can frame it to coordinate with your decor.

Unlike commercial prints, which are produced in large quantities, giclees are printed one at a time. I offer giclees for many originals that are in private collection.


How do I order a giclee?

A signed 20 X 16 giclee on archival paper is $125 plus shipping costs. Use the Contact Me form or email me (Kathy @ KathleenHallArt dot com) to order a giclee, for alternative sizes or for pricing for a giclee on stretched canvas.