Painting: first step

This is the beginning of a painting I’m calling (at least for now) Island Path. The canvas is 20 X 30. I began by applying multiple coats of gesso to the surface of the canvas until  I eliminated the weave. This gives me a fairly flat, slick surface on which to paint. I covered the canvas with an underpainting of teal. Then, I roughed in the main elements of the painting.



Painting: second step

This is the next round of my painting. I’ve added some detail in the fields, sky and back tree line. I decided I don’t like the bright yellow path so I will tone it down the next time I work on it.



Painting: third step

I’ve added more greens in the field and blues and greens in the path so it doesn’t dominate the painting. I also added a bit more color in the trees in the background.



Painting: fourth step

I’ve started adding the flowers in the fields. You can see how the gold flowers pop with the teal underpainting and purple accents. I like using complementary colors to help give my paintings movement and energy.



Painting: Final

Here is the final painting. I added some trees in the middle ground and tweaked the colors in a few areas.

Kathleen Hall, Island Path, oil on canvas, 30 X 20, © The Artist
Kathleen Hall, Island Path, oil on canvas, 30 X 20, © The Artist


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