The opening reception for Beneath the Surface was wonderful. The turnout exceeded my expectations and many visitors saw my paintings for the first time. The show will continue until February 26 at the Richmond Library, 101 E. Franklin Street, Richmond.

I included several paintings that I’ve shown before, along with many new ones.

big wall

(left to right): Tulips Peeking Through (new), Pink & Green (new), In the Spring, In the Winter,
Dusk in Taos (new), On the Street in Vernazza, and Still on the Road (new)

 Carter Chris Sherry Steph Dave



Poppies I Crooked River

 Poppies I and Along the Crooked River


crowd 2






looking at VG series

Looking at the Van Gogh SeriesThe Starry Night, 3 Sunflowers in a Vase,
Wheat Fields Under Clouded Sky, Pollard Willows with Setting Sun,
and Vineyards with a View of Auvers.

  looking at frog



Trees Frog Sky Fire

(left to right): Trio of Trees, Got Fly? (new), Sky Fire (new)


vases swirl

(left to right): Flower in Red Vase, 3 Vases, Swirl

These are all new paintings. The two on the left are the first in a series inspired
by the Chihuly exhibit at the Virginia Musuem of Fine Arts.
Swirl is my first foray into abstract paintings.


kathy Sallie temple steve ann

With fellow painters Sallie and Temple


Sherry Kathy Lucy

With Sherry and Lucy from Maine in front of Bursting Forth (new painting)



Visit the online gallery to see all my paintings.