The Light in Maine

I love the light in  Maine, the way it interacts with the environment, creating vivid sunsets, dramatic patterns and breathtaking vistas. I try to capture the color and light in my paintings and to evoke mood and move viewers, as you can see below in Frenchman’s Bay.


Frenchman’s Bay © Kathleen Hall

 Morning light

Today I had one of those magical light moments. I was running along ocean path early in the morning. The sky was gray and overcast, but the sun was doing its level best to chase away the clouds and rule the day.

Then, I saw it. A band of dark clouds low in the sky; below it, a ribbon of bright sunlight, and below the light, the rain was falling somewhere off in the distance, ethereal rays emanating from the clouds, punctuated by glints of sunlight. 

The ocean was an expanse of gunmetal gray, but for a lone lobster boat in a pool of brilliant sunlight, like a star having his moment in the spotlight on the dark stage.

Unfortunately, I did not have a camera so I have to settle for a permanent mental snapshot. The moment past, but the sun continued to create a glimmering strip of light at the edge of the horizon beneath the dark clouds.

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.
                                                                                                                Aaron Rose

Below is a photo I took at the other end of another the day. The sun was breaking through dark, ominous clouds in the early evening, illuminating the sides of the boats in the stygian waters of the harbor, creating dramatic patterns of light and dark.

Early evening over Frenchman’s Bay,  June 2012